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Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage is proposed to be treated by well documented, established & energy efficient combination of UASB based Anaerobic & Aerobic Attached growth process. In this process, Effluent containing high protein & fast bio-degrading organic waste is first hydrolyzed by EM* biomass (mixture of microorganisms consisting mainly of lactic acid bacteria, purple bacteria, and yeasts which co-exist for the benefit of whichever environment they are introduced.) treated in anaerobic condition in UASB reactor. The waste water is further treated in presence of Air (Oxygen & Nitrogen both) by diffusers or surface aerators are often suggested as the oxygen transfer device in the aeration tanks. Hydrolyzed organic mass increases resultant soluble COD, which enhance the effectiveness of up flow sludge blanket reactor. This Process generates carbon dioxide, Methane Gas as byproducts,

Anaerobic Treated water is fed to aeration zone to reduce the BOD and generation of pathogen bacteria in water thus polishing the water. Targeted BOD removal is to be achieved up to 93~95%. Therefore, the STP has been designed to ensure BOD removal of 20% in primary treatment, and 85 % in the secondary treatment. 95% in polishing unit. With these efficiencies, the final treated effluent shall discharge BOD < 30 mg/l.